Within the project; our aim with Unique Ankara is introducing Ankara to our foreign guests, expanding the introduction in foreign languages, which is seen in most touristic cities with English, then with other European and Asian languages, and making Ankara a tourism city. With all our available effort and capital, initially we will work on a website, which will be a guide for foreigners. Then; We will work with the municipalities on the city  introduction in foreign languages and we will undertake the task of providing services such as  social and cultural events, historical and archaeological researches, fair and training meetings and so on or we will provide consultation to the ones who provide this service.  

Since 2011, Unique Entertainment continues to work for arranging meeting organizations, open field organizations, outdoor organizations and providing technical team and staff.

It organizes the events such as 2011 Bilkent Spring Festival, 2012 - 2015 Turkcell, Most, Mac, Havelsan, Roketsan, Tai, Coca Cola etc ... picnic organizations, provides tour operators, arrange meeting organizations. Unique Entertainment, which forms the operation wing Saye Group, got under the roof of Saye Group in 2018 and continues to organize activities on behalf of the group.

With Ankara city tours and with tours and outdoor events organized to the surrounding regions; it continues to serve many local and foreign guests.



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